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We are an organization aimed at sports promotion through coordinating physical activities and coaching various athletes to meet high performance standards.

We deliver quality training modules in, but not limited to: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Athletics, Chess, Aerobics and lots more.

We have a TAEKWONDO SELF DEFENSE TRAINING that affords participants to learn: Pompsei, Attack and Defense moves, Traditional Taekwondo Demonstration, START-TO-FINISH Competition training modules and more.

We also have a SWIMMING TRAINING designed to suit various demands of our clients. We offer different services, ranging from: Swim for All, Swim for Life, Survivor Skills, Water Navigation, Buoyancy and Floatation, Life Saving Techniques, Swimming events organization and officiating, Consultancy for all Aquatic activities and more.

Meet our top grade coaches


With several years of experience, Coach Baller gives instructive training on a wide range of sporting activities and personal/ organizational fitness training. He is sport enthusiast who delights in helping people stay healthy, fit and strong. 


Coach Rachel is a swim instructor with over 3 years of experience. She possesses adept knowledge of adapting several methodologies to provide bespoke delivery to meet client demands. She is passionate very about what she does.


Coach Xander is a multifaceted sports instructor with a wide array of skills ranging from swimming to football and other major sports. He is a very amiable and charismatic and is known to always bring out the best in those he works with.